Friday, 4 October 2013

C# and VB IDE under development


My first post, anyway I started a project to build a C# and VB IDE and COMPILER, but I forgot to continue it as I was busy exploring other topics, therefore my project could not be completed although, I found it in my HDD but it was not very interesting so I recreated this time it is complete.

The features it has is:

  • Compiling
  • Compiling-Running
  • Saving Source File's
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Target Language (C# - VB - Batch)
  • Fantastic UI (Metro Style)
The IDE was programmed in WPF(.NET) along with C# as back-end file. Uses .NET 4.5 download it from Microsoft Website for FREE!

Few Pictures of the IDE - 

These are few pictures of the IDE, it compiles - it run's and it compiles.

IDE is dubbed as - Terminus CodeCompiler .NET 

Currently I am developing a Native CodeCompiler - compiles Assembly both x86 and x64.

Download Link for the IDE is: 

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